This is a very complex time for many nonprofits.

The complexities being faced by the nonprofit sector are extreme thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations have been forced to halt operations and others are operating on a very limited basis. Unfortunately, these limitations are detrimental to the countless individuals that benefit from the amazing work that nonprofits do.

NPO Grant Consulting understands that many nonprofits have been limited in this period of time. This being said, we can report that many Foundations and Grant Makers have not limited their funding. In many cases, due dates have been extended and new relief funds have been created for nonprofits. NPO Grant Consulting now conducts daily prospect research throughout the country in order to identify these relief funds.

We wanted to take this moment to let nonprofits know that we are here to assist. Whatever you may need, our team of Specialists can help. Many organizations find it very helpful to have a Grant Writer and Consultant working with them to not only assist them with available relief funds, but grants and sponsors in general. We would love to assist your organization and we would be honored to serve as your nonprofit consultant. Please take a look at our programs and contact us for any questions that you may have as we would love to assist!