Prospect research with applications OPTION

Have a scholarship fund that requires contributions? Interested in funding for your fundraiser? NPO is experienced in assisting nonprofits and charitable organizations in obtaining Foundation and Corporate funding.

These grant sources are very different from traditional grants and require a different approach. We perform the necessary prospect research to identify the best possible funding sources, we obtain all required documents from the nonprofit to ensure compliance, we create a standard request letter that is tailored to the project at hand, we submit the final applications and then we produce a final report for the nonprofit that outlines the entire process. For this service, we submit anywhere from 7 to 10 applications on behalf of the nonprofit organization. Following the submission process, the final summary report is completed.

This service is critical for nonprofits seeking corporate funding and donations, including in-kind donations. This is a solid consulting option for any nonprofit, regardless of size and focus.

Like all of our consulting programs, this option is designed to be affordable. This is a great entry into grants for smaller organizations