NPO Grant Consulting is at the forefront of scientific program evaluations and assessments. We have over 12 years of Program Evaluation experience and have consulted with numerous nonprofit organizations as well as Government Agencies.

"NPO Grant Consulting is the only nonprofit consultancy to have developed evaluation methods that have been used on a national level"

This amazing and extensive experience is founded within our scientific and academic training and research. While not all program evaluations and assessments are the same, NPO Grant Consulting begins by carefully examining project requirements and needs. In many cases, our clients come to us because they are required to have periodic evaluations performed. This can be due to State and Federal regulations or this can be attributed to foundational and funding requirements. We take all of this into consideration and we offer our clients the finest and highest quality evaluations available.

"Like all of our programs, we are able to do this without putting a financial strain on our clients"

NPO Grant Consulting provides a tailored and customized approach that is unique for our clients. This allows us to not only meet, but exceed all expectations.

For a free consultation on our approaches and a discussion of our program fees, please reach out to us today as it would be our pleasure to assist you!