How NPO Grant Consulting Started...

NPO Grant Consulting started informally back in 2009 during an Evaluation Research study for The United States Department of Justice and a local nonprofit organization in New York City. As time passed, NPO Grant Consulting expanded it focus and operations and became an "all-encompassing" nonprofit consultancy.

Today, NPO Grant Consulting is the largest and most trusted nonprofit consultancy available, without exception. Officially based in New York, we consult in numerous locations throughout the United States and Internationally and our reach is far and wide!

Established by Anthony Sciarabba, NPO Grant Consulting offers a plethora of experience to our nonprofit clients. Mr. Sciarabba has over 11 years of grant and bid consulting experience in both the nonprofit and government sectors. He has consulted with many branches of the government as well as many state and local agencies. His technical writings have been positively received by over 15 government agencies and this list continues to grow. Additionally, his assessment and evaluation research has been utilized on a national level by the U.S. Department of Justice and has established a benchmark in how communities are surveyed. His academic research has been utilized for program evaluations across the country and has been published in numerous academic journals.

As the Executive Director of NPO Grant Consulting, he has had the opportunity to discuss social programs and grant programs with public executives, leaders and former state governors now active in the nonprofit sector. He has also had the honor of serving on two editorial boards of peer reviewed academic publications, both domestic and international in scope.

If you have any questions for Mr. Sciarabba, please feel free to send him an email at