The npo grant portal system:
prospect research coupled with technology

IT'S HERE! Introducing the NPO Grant Portal System. Based off of more than 15 years of grant history and deep philanthropic relationships, NPO is thrilled to launch it's proprietary Grant Portal System that is tailored for your organization.

This incredible technology features a virtual and private online portal system that is designed for your organization. The portal is populated by the Research Team at NPO Grant Consulting and features our Prospect Research findings that are tailored for your organization. Our Researchers conduct the Prospect Research for your organization and all findings are placed on the Grant Portal that has been designed specifically for your organization. This platform, the first of it's kind, couples our intensive Prospect Research process with the latest technology.

The greatest part of the Grant Portal System is that it's maintained by NPO Grant Consulting and our Researchers and it grows with your organizations goals and focus. It's also private and exclusive to as many unique users as you wish. Another amazing feature of this Grant Portal is that your organization would have access to our Prospect Research Team. Have a question regarding an opportunity, you can use the portal and send a message to the Research Team. It's that simple.

We treat our Grant Portals as living systems that grow over time and a tremendous amount of work is dedicated to their creation and development. Contact NPO today and find out how your organization can have it's own Grant Portal System. This represents the greatest bridge between nonprofits and the grant funding process.